Voices of Sacred Earth Festival



Waireti will be presenting at the 4th Annual Voices of Sacred Earth Festival at Kawai Purapura in Auckland.

Session 1: He Kura Huna : The Hidden Sounds of Healing

Te reo Māori can be heard, and experienced on many levels. According to nationally and internationally re-known tohunga (shaman) and tohuna (wisdom keeper), Rose Pere, hidden within te reo Māori (the Māori language) is a sacred language and healing potential. Join Waireti in an interactive wairua (spirits), ngakau (hearts), hinengaro (Minds), and tinana (bodies), journey into the sacred healing vibrations of te reo Māori.

Session 2: Te Mauri o Te Kura Huna: A Sacred Response to Workshop 1

In sacred tikanga-Māori created space, we will experience wānanga (collective experiences of illumination). Through sacred sharing with a ‘mauri stone’ we will experience sacred Māori technologies, that allow us to deepen into, and share our personal responses and experiences to Te Kura Huna. Together we will enter the form and flow of the mauri of our shared sacred space and healing – critically deepening and informing our personal and collective journey into the unfolding of the flow of the water of life, and the Divine Melody that breaths through us.

For more information go to: http://sacredearth.nz/

New Year Blessings


Nga mihi mo te Tau Hau Pākehā ki a tātau te whānau. The year has begun with blessings of whānau well being, togetherness, abundance and new beginnings. I have begun as the new psychology lecturer with the Open Polytechnic in Wellington where I will be based for up to four days a week, staying with my lovely sister Angela and whānau. We had a beautiful mihiwhakatau on Wednesday 27th. Much love and appreciation to the whānau (especially our Taranaki crew who travelled all the way down to ensure they could do all they needed to do transition me into my new role).

Te Amokura Centre for Wholeness is now available in Wellington and Whanganui where appointments can be scheduled by contacting me in 0226317007. Next week I will be travelling with our brilliant Matike Mai Aotearoa Rangatahi as their kuia to Waitangi where they will present their United Nations funded research on constitutional change at the open tent Te Tī Marae Waitangi – naumai haere mai tatau katoa. Ka tuku te mihi maihoa ki a tātau katoa – Mauri Ora!



Paekakariki Performance

Tēnā tātau e te whānau – the performance in Pārekakariki was a blessed opportunity. So special to share the stage with the lovely Sunny Ray & Jasper and their sweet melodious vocals and guitar work, and a stunning opportunity to meet and perfomr with Matiu Te Huki. Whakapapa healing is when we begin to become all we can become – I saw Matiu doing this on stage at Paekakariki – ka mau te wehi e te tungane!

An Argentinian brother approached me after the performance, he commended my beautiful voice and said – “How you say dat word A——W——E? Thats what you do, you make-me-cryaaa!”. Feedback like this tells me the I am doing the right thing.

Ngā mihi aroha to those who came and those who came in spirit and positive warm thoughts and support – your love and affirmation provide a cushion of support – thank you!

“Ihirangaranga’ Paekakariki Performance 7.00 22nd August

Kia Ora anō e Te Whānau

“Ihirangaranga’ has the pleasure and privilege of performing at Paekakariki on the 22nd of this month with the Lovely Sunny Ray, Jasper and Matiu Te Huki. Nau mai haere mai whānau for an experience that will take you on a journey into hearts and souls ease, pleasure and vitality, followed by a great chance to dance the night away – till 11.00 at least, $15 a ticket, sales link on poster below.


Naumai Haere Mai

Matariki Mōteatea at Kawai Purapura

Kia Ora e te Whānau – here is what the festival team of Kawai Purapura had to say about the performance –

Our warmest thanks and appreciation for your recent performance of ‘Ihirangaranga’ here at Kawai Purapura. It was indeed a pleasure to hear your songs, the voice of an Angel, sweet with grace, but also with resonance and power of the warrior within.  The stunning vibrations you emit through your voice are messages of healing and heaven.  These vibrations actively tuning us and guiding us to our inner wisdom through your voice. 


We are grateful for your sharing this wonderful gift, know that your sweet vibrations are uplifting everyone who is fortunate to be in your presence to hear your songs, and just as importantly, the land and environment in which you move in.  It was also a really lovely experience to sing along with you, this truly lifted the spirit of everyone in the room.  This is your true calling, and we honour your journey and are pleased to support you however we can.


With love and gratitude


Alyse and Rakshakari

The Festival Team

Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre
14 Mills Lane,