“Continuing ancient traditions of healing by soothing hearts, minds, souls and bodies”

Te Amokura Centre for Wholeness and Total Wellbeing provides professional tikanga-based Māori healing and total wellbeing services and products in the form of healing, supervision, trainingresearch, soul soothing music, performances and workshops. All of the professional services and products provided by Te Amokura Centre for Wholeness and Total Wellbeing soothe and heal souls, hearts, minds and bodies to enable us to become all that we can become.

For Māori Te Amokura represents inherent dignity and sacred origins, it is recognised that all of life and all peoples bear this divine legacy. Te Amokura reignites this spirit of inherent dignified origins and the unique gifts we all carry

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Te Amokuras’ professional services and products represent a unique methodology and synergy developed from ancestral inspirations grounded in years of professional experience, training, research and living in both Original Māori healing, Indigenous life-systems, knowledge and practices, and also professional research and practice in the areas of psychology, intensive therapeutic work, facilitation, and social work.

The work of Te Amokura carries the timeless pulse and vitalising vibrations of homecoming and reconnection with dignified beginnings and sacredness.