Supervision – Whakamana

“Continuing ancient traditions of healing by soothing hearts, minds, souls and bodies”

The professional supervision services delivered by Te Amokura Centre for Wholeness and Total Wellbeing promote wholeness, healing, and balance for supervisee’s spirits, hearts, minds, and bodies, in all aspects of their professional and personal lives.


Te Amokura’s professional supervision represents a unique methodology and synergy developed from years of lived and professional experience, training, and research in both the world of Original Māori healing, and also professional research and practice in the areas of psychology, intensive therapeutic work, facilitation, and social work in health, education, justice and the social services.


Cumulatively I refer to this unique supervision practice as ‘Wholistic Māori Psychologies’. In one form or another Wholistic Psychologies have been practiced since time immemorial by all peoples to assist, nourish, heal, and balance the human, and natural worlds. Today we are accustomed to relating ‘psychology’ with the mind only. In an Indigenous context psychology necessarily incorporates spirit, heart, mind and body of the personal, the collective and beyond, including critical analysis of power and inequities.


The unique wholistic integrative professional supervision service Te Amokura offers can involve bodywork, song, as well as face-to-face talking type practices. Negotiation and collaboration informs the particular form of supervision that best fits each supervisee.

Currently I deliver professional Wholistic Māori Psychology consults and services to professional practitioners, counsellors, educators, and social workers in government and non-government agencies. Testimonials regarding Waireti’s supervision.

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