“Continuing ancient traditions of healing by soothing hearts, minds, souls and bodies”

I had not realised the power of voice and vibration until attending sessions with Waireti. Her amazing voice travels right through me and evokes so much emotion. Although I am Pākehā and do not understand all that is being sung, something deep within me seems to understand and the vibration and waiata seems to transcend the spoken word. I always come away from these sessions feeling as though I am floating.

Louise Pomana (Pākehā/New Zealander)


My husband and I have been doing healing work for 30+ years. Last year we received the gift of a waiata at Te Amokura Centre to help clear the old patterns that keep us separated from all we know we can be. This has been life changing for us and for our clients. We play the waiata in the background while we work. This healing song keeps us focused and present and empowers each person to experience profound relief in all areas from physical to spiritual. We are realizing that sound especially healing sounds are critical to the recovery process. Thank you Waireti for your song of love and healing.

Morningstar and Michael California USA


Thank you for blessing us with your voice & compositions Waireti. I can hear Aotearoa in your music! I loved your music and voice, especially the music that is firmly embedded in Maori tonality which is in turn embedded in the unique natural sounds of our native forest.

Debbie Wai Kapohe (Māori)


Mihi to you both and especially to you Waireti for your beautiful performance of your original waiata and oriori. As many commented on the day, the performance and recorded music you played for us throughout the day brought a beautiful wairua that blended so well with our raranga exhibition and demonstration.

Mihi manahau te wā – Takiri Cotteril (Māori)


To hear Waireti’s waiata a capella is to appreciate the simple beauty and strength of this singer’s wairua.

Waireti has exquisite control of her lilting, ethereal melodies. Blending Celtic dreaminess with mesmerising echoes of the Middle East, Waireti’s waiata are nevertheless unmistakeably grounded in Māori spirituality. They are humble, meditative songs: introspective, gentle and serene. But the power and intimacy of Waireti’s singing draws the listener in close, to follow every twist and turn of melody as her voice takes flight, soaring with sweet and impossible grace.

Here at last is music that plugs a gap in the Māori market. Uplifting in its own quiet way, it speaks perhaps to an audience that is not seduced by the pop beat or electro-funk but yearns for the simplicity of hypnotic melodies carried by a hauntingly pure voice.

Moana (Māori woman)


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