Music -‘Ihirangaranga – Soul Vibrations’

“Continuing ancient traditions of healing by soothing hearts, minds, souls and bodies”


’Ihirangaranga’ provides uniquely Māori sacred sound-scapes that soothe and heal souls, hearts, minds and bodies encouraging revitalising experiences on many levels – as performance; as Passing Graces Healing Through Sound Services; as Māori Healing Through Sound Workshops; and as recordings.

Performance & Recordings: The sacred sound-scapes of ‘Ihirangaranga’ soothe, vitalise, and heal souls, hearts, minds, and bodies – of people, water, and the land – promoting holistic healing and wellbeing.

‘Ihirangaranga” is Waireti who performs both alone, and at times also supported by taonga puoro extraordinaire Elise Goodge, and or the haunting and exemplary backing vocals of Claire McGrail.

All songs are original compositions by Waireti, and are in te reo Māori, an ancient and sacred language that can be heard on many levels. Some of the mōteatea incorporate waiata-a-ringa (Māori action songs), and Waireti welcomes opportunities to facilitate audience participation by sharing, and teaching mōteatea in transformance experiences.

Performance & Recordings


“Ihirangaranga’ performances and recordings can set and hold the mood and energy of a concert, performance, conference, or space. They inspire and call forth a spirit of deep peace, joy, and pleasure. They facilitate experiences of unity and shared sacredness.

Strategic Developments

On a strategic and deliberate professional or personal development level, ‘Ihirangaranga’ recitals are ideal to prepare and enhance environments that encourage conscious growth, creativity, inspiration, innovation, and synergistic collaborations. ‘Ihiranganga’ performance and recordings are ideal to support and vitalise team building, strategic professional and personal development, growth, and transformation, bringing a uniquely vivifying energy to meetings, conferences, workshops, and wānanga.

Soothing and Vitalising Musical Atmosphere

Feedback confirms ‘Ihirangaranga’ recordings can hold and support spaces dedicated to healing and relaxation in a uniquely Māori sound-spirit tha soothes and settles mind, body, heart and spirit. Generic or holistic health and wellbeing settings, waiting rooms, art or wellness exhibitions, lifts and other spaces that hold people and where a spirit of peace is enhancing.

‘Ihirangaranga Passing Graces’ – Healing Through Sound Services

‘Ihirangaranga’ provides hearts-ease and soothing for loved-ones and their families experiencing profound life-change – birth, illness, surgery, marriage, and death.

Waireti has had the privilege of supporting and singing family and family members up to and through illness, and beautiful passings. ‘Ihirangaranga’ is particularly suitable to support and ease the bitter-sweet heart-times of profound life change we all experience.

Time, place and cost of ‘Ihirangaranga Passing Graces’ recitals are negotiated to most appropriately fit the unique circumstances of each event, person, and their whānau.

Ihirangaranga – Māori Healing Through Sound Workshops

‘Māori Healing Through Sound Workshops’ share and encourage the vitalising and healing gifts of sacred sound, in the form of mōteatea, waiata, chanting of sacred Māori phrases, and sacred composing for all.

He koha aroha – A gift

The following three ‘demo’ tracks informally recorded at Te Amokura Centre for Wholeness and Total Wellbeing, and the stories of their creation, are offered for your pleasure and healing. Contact Waireti to order a CD or book a performance.

Mauri Tau Mārama Tau

While working on a healing with a client the words “Mauri tau mārama tau’ arrived in my mind. I began to marvel and wonder about the meaning and how they might come to life in song, and was told – “open your mouth and find out”. This mōteatea is the result.

Mauri Tau, Mārama Tau calls us to release the heaviness and tiring dust of everyday life, and settle into the natural depth and pattern of our own unique peace and being – stilling, centering, resting and rejuvenating. Mārama tau as the fruits of our unique identities and potentials, of clarity, inspiration, and awareness can then naturally unfurl. Mauri Tau, Mārama Tau!


AIO – Mohaka

While learning of our ancestral lineage from Ngati Pahauwera, Mohaka, I followed a vitalising thread of essence to the original land, water, creatures including whales, and people of the Mohaka area.

AIO carries a pulse that transcends time and space calling us back to the pure harmonious yet diverse original pattern of oneness, and the awakening dreams of our ancestors. Dreams that continue to throb in the land, the waters, the natural environment, and in our collective and personal beings.

Horo Kiwi

Beginning from the quiet ancient pre-people earth, travel across time through the stream of ever unfolding and emerging mauri and humanity. Ngā Hau e Wha – the four winds and flow of ever unfolding life. Living within the harmonious ever-emerging flow of life that is the wholeness of the earth and her creatures.

This waiata arose in response to a visit to Ngā Hau e Wha (people of the four winds) urban marae in Newtown, Wellington. The Marae is in an area known as ‘Horo Kiwi’. The name suggests it was an area of lush abundance and kiwi. The area, like many of us, has undergone the degradation of modernisation and was turned into a rubbish dump. Today under the leadership and love of the people of Ngā Ha e Wha, the area is rejuvenating. It is once again planted with native bush from which the local people come together to plant and tend, to make rongoā (traditional medicines), kai (natural foods) and other taongā (gifts) to adorn their marae. The goodness of the land is mirrored in the goodness and inclusiveness of the people that are Ngā Hau e Whā.

Ka puta ai te ihu ki Rangiatea!

Activate your fullest potential, realise your highest destiny!

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