“The mirimiri sessions I have gratefully received at Te Amokura were magnificent. The space was beautifully held by Waireti inspired by Maori tradition. I felt like my mind, spirit and body were simultaneously treated. I came out each time filled to the brim with intergated vitality at every level. Wholeheartedly recommended to all.”

Shane M. (Pākehā/New Zealander)


I can heartily recommend meremere with Waireti! I was a little unsure of what to expect in the beginning but Waireti explained the process in a professional and calming way. Waireti has a lovely manner and I was soon at ease and ready to embrace the experience. It is hard to explain what happened during my session but I can report feeling great afterwards. I was left with a sense of well being and more mobility within my body. I will certainly be using the service again!!!!

Tracy Hurst-Porter (Pākehā/New Zealander)

I felt like I have had years of something lifted off me – felt free. I have been trying to free myself from the last residues of grief and family patterns for years, now I feel like I can finally just let go.

Amanda (Māori) 

Fabulous – right up my alley. I enjoyed the 1:1 healing – I deepened right into it and felt totally safe.

Claire (British)

Thank you so much, it was a wonderful experience receiving mirimiri from you. During the treatment I felt very light and open, picturing wings lifting that which was not needed from my body, especially during your waiata.

Last night I had the most wonderful nights sleep, and instead of tossing and turning to find a comfortable position, was asleep in minutes. Troy, who has taken to calling me ‘step funny’ lately will have to revise that to ‘steps lightly’. (Linda had a persistent hip injury prior to treatment).

Linda (Māori)