Healing – Mauri Ora

“Continuing ancient traditions of healing by soothing hearts, minds, souls and bodies

Māori tikanga (protocol), chants, and songs, enhanced by mirimiri (touch), create a uniquely holistic Māori healing experience called Mauri Ora or Total Wellbeing sessions.

Waireti as Te Amokura Centre for Wholeness and Total Wellbeing provides a safe and professional experience of profoundly peaceful and relaxing tikanga-Māori based practices that soothe and heal the heart, soul, mind, and body.

Outcomes – Feedback from those who have received Mauri Ora sessions indicate they experience a return of a sense of peaceful self trust, and control over their lives. They find it easier to make life affirming choices, experience a return to sleeping and eating well, feel less stressed, more peaceful, and have a higher sense of hope, positivity, health and wellbeing. Tangata Whaiora (seekers of wellbeing) also experience a re-awakened understanding of their unique potentials and opportunities in all areas of life, personal, family, and professional.

Mauri Ora Sessions take approximately 60 minutes. Contact Waireti to discuss costs.

Mauri Ora Total Wellbeing Programmes –  a programme of six Māuri Ora sessions, usually spanning six months is designed to strategically and holistically support the restoration of balance, wholeness, and vigor in all areas of your life.

Mauri Ora Total Wellbeing Programmes incorporate the ‘Ngākau Tapatahi – One-Heartedness’ self-assessment tool to prioritise, plan, and implement transformational change across all areas of your life.

From an Indigenous world-view it is about applying the art of the least effort to effect the most profound change. Indigenous world-views acknowledge human reality is comprised of an at least two world system in which the spiritual is primary and generative. Tikanga-Māori practices and healing accommodate and facilitate the powerful flow, and influence of the spiritual into our lives.

By working together during sessions, and with the Mauri Ora Total Wellbeing plan between sessions, you can strategically regain control of your health and wellbeing, creating a less stressed, more peaceful life-style, more general health and wellbeing, and re-awakening your unique potentials and opportunities in all areas of your life, personal, family, and professional.

Mauri Ora Total Wellbeing Programmes comprise six sessions. Each session takes approximately 60 minutes. Sessions occur once a month by arrangement, unless otherwise negotiated.

Methodology – Mauri Ora Total Wellbeing sessions, programmes and tools represent a unique methodology, developed from ancestral impulses synergised with years of lived professional experience, training, and research in the world of Original Māori realities, and also professional research and practice in the areas of psychology, intensive therapeutic work, facilitation, and social work.

Who is it for? – Mauri Ora Total Wellbeing sessions are for all people who seek to heal, become whole, and realise the fullness of their unique gifts and creative potential. Sessions and programmes are beneficial for anyone and everyone.

Māori and non-Māori practitioners and high-level professionals from a range of disciplines and sectors who put their heart and souls into their work will gain particular benefit from Mauri Ora consultations.

Currently Te Amokura delivers professional Mauri Ora Total Wellbeing sessions and programmes to individuals, professionals and practitioners, whānau, hapu, iwi, government and non-government agencies.

Contact Waireti to arrange an appointment or to order a Mauri Ora – Total Wellbeing Voucher.

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